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icon벡터 디자인 및 클로닝
Viral vector plasmid
iconViral vector 생산
Viral vector production,
concentration and purification
icon제품 검증
Validation for Efficacy &
Safety(in vitro & in vivo)
icon기술 상담
Strategy Consultation

Viral Vectors for Services

1. AAV(adeno-associated virus) vector
  • Targeting of a broad range of specific tissue type
  • Recommended for application: In vivo gene delivery
  • Robust infection of both dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Very-low immunogenicity and pathogenicity in animal models
  • Packaging Capacity: < 4.5 Kb
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2. Lentiviral/Retroviral vector
  • Robust infection of both dividing and non-dividing (lentiviral vector only) cells
  • Recommended for application: In vitro/ Ex vivo/ In vivo
  • Induction of immune response is very Low
  • Packaging Capacity: < 8 Kb
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